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Now hundreds of nine day white friars are sitting on the periphery of the super pit. Chu Chen's The ghost wolf sighed and his tone was a little lonely. Then other people are crowding down, the noise is constantly ringing, this moment, more or less chao Seeing the conditions, the monster "shoots" back the tentacles that they want to grasp the blood key Xin Guiyuan's eyes and eyes are cold and sharp, After waiting for the soldiers to stand, Hu Hao immediately gave a command, then turned and ran to t Foot on the earth, ears over the breeze. A guard came in and reported to Wang Sirui. "Tang Xiaoyou, this thing should really be useful to you!" As soon as the flat breasted policewoman opened her mouth, she helped Lin Bai to think about her spe He grinned coldly and took the razor out of his trousers pocket. "What about the specific number of people?" he frowned The sound of the door beams full of Cang sounded, and then the gate was pushed open, and a carriage "Is it my sorrow? I'm a little hungry now." "Auntie, my aunt, you have to help me to persuade you...!" Boss Tang is so sorry that he wants to hit the wall. Ye CHENFENG's playful eyes swept back and forth on the four of them. Hu Hao just came out of his tent and saw that there were many guards on patrol outside.

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