After making this wise decision, Yan Cong was somewhat complacent. "... yes, yes, don't be tired. I'll go to sleep." The old man was so angry that he immediately used his power to force the five needles that had been Since the last time Zichen entered the pure land, some people came out to investigate him. Mulan immediately angry is also red head up. Face, not ugly. It seems that Mr. Lin is sitting in the middle of the scene, and the other people are sitting in the "Are they really the other three states?" But he can escape Luoli's pace. Luoli's random step is dragon and butterfly's nine days. "If you had unlimited resurrection, but other people knew how to crack your infinite resurrection ab The prisoner's whole body trembled, his eyes shrank, and panic flashed across his face. "Yes, those top kings will surely shake the sky and earth, enough to sweep the people of the same ra This is much stronger than the ordinary level 7 array, so if you want to break it, you can only brea Xian'e said: "when he was alone, I heard him talking to himself and saying a word." The catapults, who were still in a frenzy of firing, were instantly beaten into a mass of blood mist Huge water cannon hits the shell of the golden sphere. "Forgetting the ancestors by several classics and daring to abolish the skills of their ancestors ar Although, Dong Ou state is unlikely to refuse or oppose Liu Che's decision. The string broke in an instant, turned into a knife shape, and was almost deformed.

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