Because of Yan lie's heart attack, Tang Yue focuses his attention on him and ignores Su Hongfa. Then Wei Fei opened the door and went out. At this moment, it seems that the whole world has nothing to do with Bing, and all the hatred has st Ke'er came back to God at this time. Even if it is not her own, it is better than the throne. Even at night Tong Liya's request, Bai Yuhan is a little absent-minded, lying on the bed does no Even the elders of the Yi God tribe changed their faces. When Yuezhong and Zeng Hu arrived at the military base called xianglonggang, they were deeply shocke Vaguely, actually constituted a field to come out! Looking at the four, Tang Zheng's whole mind is on guard. In this regard, Tang Zheng will not re After seeing the God wolf and the black ape, ye Chen's mouth appears a smile. Shen Na ignored her mother's advice, but encouraged Fang han to drink wine. She hoped that he wo "Ha ha, who said that I used a beautiful man's plan? The mermaid princess has been successfully His cousin runs mines, lumbers and many farms there, and his business is very big. In the past, Jos Of course, this is actually a manual release device, but this release device is not everyone knows w More, more scattered, and more hierarchical detection, in order to maximize the detection effect. "It's like some kind of energy crystal, old man. What do you feel?" After Mo Zhitao hung up his cell phone, he called Li Sanzhen, "Hello, old Li."

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